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The Hottest Trends in Engagement Rings for 2014

By Syed Faris Hussain

Are you planning to get engaged in 2014? Then you should definitely check out the latest and greatest trends in engagement rings. Find out how to make the girl of your dreams the happiest person in the world.

Complex Cuts

The diamond engagement rings never fall out of fashion, but some cuts are hotter than others right now. At present, the elaborate cuts rule the scene. The cushion cut is absolutely sophisticated while being perfectly feminine. It is the ideal choice for the modern woman. The princess cut is absolutely gorgeous as well. It is elegant and virtually timeless. The emerald cut is the absolute hit at present because of its unique natural appeal. It is the perfect combination between the modern minimalistic style and the classy style of the vintage era.

Halos and Clusters

The halo design has ruled the scene for the past couple of years and retains its popularity today. It will always be fashionable. Indeed, the big stone surrounded by a halo of smaller ones has an absolutely beautiful look. It is perfectly sophisticated and any woman will wow at its sight. This is the kind of reaction that you would want to get from your girl.

While the halo setting remains super hip, the cluster setting is another hot trend for 2014. Instead of being set around the big stone in the centre, the smaller ones are set in the band and form a long line. This kind of setting is equally dazzling. It is less detailed and this appeals to a lot of women. Another major advantage of the cluster setting is that it is typically less expensive because it is simpler to make.


Diamonds have always been the primary choice for engagement rings, but sapphires are an excellent choice as well. They are not only super trendy right now, but have timeless beauty. The trend was set by the royal wedding three years ago, but it is expected to continue its ruling in the coming years. One major advantage of sapphires over diamonds is that they are less expensive. You can also consider a combination between these types of stones. Just remember that the three-stone setting is not trendy right now.

Floral Details

The engagement rings become more feminine in 2014. Instead of adding a cluster of precious stones lined on the band, designers take a slightly different approach. They create gentle small flowers and set the stones in them. The effect is absolutely gorgeous. It is also possible for the halo to have a floral shape. If your girl is romantic, she will absolutely fall in love with the floral decorative motifs.

Pink Is King

Rose gold is particularly hip in 2014. It is one of the major new trends, which are expected to remain. This precious metal is gorgeous and romantic. You cannot possibly want more. The stones in peach to rose hue are among the hottest trends. The ones in pink-orange and champagne are super trendy as well. In general, all paler shades of pink rule right now. While pink diamonds are quite pricy, you can consider less expensive alternatives such as pink sapphire and imperial topaz.

Now you can choose the most perfect trendy engagement ring for the women that you love.

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Hot Wedding Trends of 2014


We are always looking ahead to what is hot and new in the wedding industry so that we can make sure and ensure that our clients have the best ceremony and reception experience possible.  We ran across this great article talking about trending wedding themes of 2014 and hope you enjoy!

The Hottest Wedding Themes of 2014


When it comes to this season’s hottest wedding trends, there are plenty for you to consider for your upcoming big day. Not only does a theme give structure to the event, it can ensure the look of the day is entirely cohesive. From bespoke bridesmaids’ dresses, your own gown and the favours and flowers, having a theme certainly helps achieve your ideal wedding day. Although there are some themes that never quite go out of style, like the ‘traditional’ white wedding in an old school church, there are lots of unique ideas that you can take to make the day your own. Some examples you could consider are vintage, rustic, or high drama.

Vintage weddings

Everything old is new is the best way to describe the ‘new’ vintage wedding theme! While you can take this theme to the extreme and have yourself and your bridesmaids dressed in custom tailored vintage style dresses, one of the best things about going vintage on your day is the choice to incorporate as much or as little of the theme as you want. If you just want hint of vintage without going into the ‘boho’ or hipster look, you could simply use it in your décor. Use a few large trunks covered with stickers from far-flung places; give old frames a lick of paint and hang them on the wall at different heights, to give your guests a bit of photographic fun at the reception; or an old, open suitcase also works well to hold favours for your guests.

Rustic weddings

One theme promising to be huge this season is the modern take on the ‘rustic” look. The emphasis is on looking effortless and natural. Use tables covered with while linen cloths and coffee sacks, or utilise hay-bale twine as accents on mason jars for drinking glasses. The theme can also carry through to the bridesmaids’ dresses, with light, soft colours offset by natural shades. For the decorations, go for lots of wood in things like rough crates for holding favours and details like woodland flowers on the tables displayed in mismatched vases.

High drama weddings

So you like a bit of glitz and glamour but don’t want your wedding dress to look like you bought it in Vegas or be in fear of your bridesmaids breaking out in hives from the glitter? Then why not incorporate your love of all that shimmers into the theme itself. As one of the hottest trends (and one that will allow you free rein to go over the top for your wedding décor), it also works exceptionally well with a simple, yet elegant wedding party ensemble. One of the best ways to achieve this dramatic effect is to go over the top with the lighting arrangement in the reception venue. Consider creating a starry night sky of lights in a canopy over your guests, and keep the theme going by having simple colour schemes in glamorous flower arrangements, to really draw the look together.

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