Light Boxes

It is time to pretty up your next event! With these light boxes behind your speaker of the evening you can have a great visual impact at minimal streaming movie Bleed for This

These lights are designed for stage decorations. The color of your lighting can be customized to fit your branding of the event. Each column of stacked boxes is around 8 feet tall.

This is a brand new piece we have just built and added to our collection, do you want to be one of the first to use it?

Green Lit Box

Red Lit Box

Start Your Holiday Planning Now!

It is never too early to plan for the holidays! Do you know what kind of holiday party you want to have this year?

Do you want live entertainment? We have anything from a soloist to a 7-piece band! Take your pick. You could add in a photo booth, dance instructors, or other entertainment with your live band as well, we have plenty to choose from.

You can also fill your party with fun and games. You can choose games like Bingo or real Arcade games. You could even have a full on casino night! Your pick! How much fun can you bring to your holiday party?

Purple Christmas Trees

Christmas decorationsWhatever the entertainment, Spangler has you covered!