Your Holiday Party!

Is your holiday party for this year taken care of? The holiday season is right around the corner so the time is now!
Take care of your holiday party with the help of Spangler Entertainment!

You may already know we can bring all kinds of different entertainment to your party, but are you aware of all of the décor we have?

You can do whimsical or classic Christmas trees and we have beautiful Christmas wreaths available as well. You can then add decorative up lighting to really make things pop!

Whatever kind of decorative holiday party you are looking for, we can do it for you!

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frosted christmas tree


New Casino Games!

It is an exciting time to book a casino party with Spanger Entertainment!
We have multiple new casino games along with all of the amazing games we already have.
One of our newest games is called “Pai Gow Poker.” This is ultimately a poker game stemmed from the Chinese Domino game known as “Pai Gow.” In this game you add the Joker to the deck, and the dealer plays along with you which adds a little extra punch to the game. The standard Poker rules apply.
Another one of our new games is “Red Dog Poker.” This is a game that is most comparable to the old school game “Acey-Deucey.” The dealer flips up two cards, and if a third card is from a rank between those two, the player wins. This is a very fun and simple game that anyone can learn very quickly.
So take any of our new games, or any of our other poker and card games, throw in some play money, and you and your party are sure to have a blast!

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String Lights

As simple as it may sound, adding some lights to your event can really make a difference!

You can add them above the dance floor to add a little extra lighting, or you can add a lot of lights and make your dance floor fabulous and a main focus! There is so much you can do with a few sets of string lights!

You can use the string lights as a background for a prime photo area spot as well!

Making our strings lights a part of your main décor is also a beautiful way to go. The possibilities are endless decorating with lighting!

string lights 2

string lights 3

string lights