Who’s Ready for Prom?

Once the holidays are over and 2nd semester has begun, the time has come to start thinking about Prom!
There are so many little things to think about when planning your Prom. Here are just a few;

1) Your dress
2) Your make-up
3) Your date!
4) Where are you going to go eat before?
5) What group of friends will you go with, or will it just be you and your date?
6) Should we use a Limo?

While you are figuring all of those details out, Spangler Entertainment can be of help with the planning process of the Prom. We can provide DJ services as well as Décor and Lighting. We also can provide you with numerous amounts of other services to help make your Prom unforgettable.
20130425_145615Southern Masquerade
Give Spangler Entertainment a call to get the ball rolling with your Prom!

January Christmas Party!

Has time gotten away from you this year? We have the perfect solution for you and your company!

Have your Christmas party in January. This could be a Christmas/New Year Party! Who wouldn’t love to start their new year off with a party!

You could have a simple party with as little as a DJ and some fabulous décor, or you could go all out! You could have a Casino party, a Game Show party, or maybe even a Karaoke party!

However big or small, Spangler Entertainment can provide you with the kind of party you are looking for!

Purple Christmas Trees

Organic Light Display

casino decor 004