Do you know how to throw a great corporate party? Take a look:

Throwing a corporate party can be quite difficult – especially when you want your business partners and/or employees and co-workers to have a really great time. However, it is more than doable – and following, we have gathered some of the best tips you should keep in mind. Read on and find out more about throwing a great corporate party!


  • Imagine the event from the very beginning to the very end. Having a vision for this party will make it easier when choosing its different elements and it will make your job smoother when you will bring together all the details.
  • Before you jump into making any kind of purchases and before you start booking the right vendors, make sure you know what your budget is. This is extremely important if you don’t want this party to affect your business’ financial situation later on.
  • Team-play. You cannot do this on your own – so we advise you that you bring in a great team with whom you can collaborate. This will be a great option for them to work together and create a truly memorable event.
  • Baby steps. If you have never planned a corporate event before, you should start with a smaller party. This will help you learn the ropes of event planning in a corporate context and it will give you plenty of self-confidence for a larger party.

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Make sure you connect with your DJ before booking them for your event!

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Hiring the right DJ is more than important when it comes to your event entertainment – and even more so if you want everything about it to be perfectly accompanied by the best music.

How to connect with your DJ before booking them? What are some of the questions you should definitely ask before you sign a contract? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on, find out more and hire the DJ that truly suits your needs.

  • How they will make your event unique. Talk to your prospective DJ and see how they see the perfect event. Ask about their way of working and about their contribution to each event they have worked at. Ask how they plan on making yours truly unique.
  • How well-equipped they are. Even if you are not very good with the technical jargon used by DJs, it is still worth asking about their equipment. Make sure it is of a high quality and also make sure you are aware of the items you might have to rent yourself (in general, this is not needed, but it is still important that you ask first).
  • What other types of entertainment they provide. In general, DJs provide more than musical services. Some of them might be able to help with your lighting and other forms of entertainment – this might save you a lot of time, effort and money.

Searching for a great DJ in Tennessee? Contact Spangler Entertainment and hire us for a magical, unforgettable event! Contact us and allow us to entertain you and your guests! We guarantee that our talent, our experience, our equipment and our devotement to perfection will help you have the perfect event!


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