Your guests should greatly enjoy your event! Be sure this happens by avoiding these music mistakes:

Your wedding music is one of the most important elements of the Big Day. Not only will it mark it’s the essential parts of this special event (such as when you walk down the aisle or when you finally take off as husband and wife), but it will also accompany your guests throughout the entire day.


What are some of the worst music mistakes to avoid, so that you know for sure that your guests enjoy the event? We have gathered them right below – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Not trusting an actual professional. You may think you are saving a lot of money by bringing your USB – but the absolute truth is that the benefits of hiring a professional DJ are more than worth every penny. A good DJ will know how to mix the best music, how to “feel” your crowd, how to give them what they want and how to make sure the equipment is in top-notch shape for the Big Day.
  • Leaving silence take over the room. Music should be present throughout every single second of your wedding. During the important moments (such as the ceremony speech or the Best Man’s speech), the music will be dimmed down – but even so, it will be there to complement the ambiance and to make for the perfect “soundtrack”.
  • Not having a list of songs. Keep this in mind: no matter how amazing, talented, well-equipped and appreciated your DJ is, he will never be able to read your mind. So, if there are certain songs you want him to mix at your wedding (or songs you don’t want him to add to the playlist), make sure to talk to him about it.

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Make sure you guests are thoroughly entertained at your wedding reception!

Your wedding is one of the happiest (and most important) events in your life. Of course, you feel full of positive vibes and amazing hopes. But, beyond that, you want your guests to feel just as great as you do – and the entertainment you provide for them can be extremely important.


What are some of the most entertaining activities to prepare for your wedding guests? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.

  • A fun and emotional slideshow. Even if your guests know your love story by heart, it would be really fun (and touchy) for them to see more. Prepare a beautiful slideshow with pictures of you and of your love story and, if you want, include some of your VIP guests in the slideshow as well. It will make for a good laugh and for some really nice memories as well.
  • Photo booth. Considering just how much we all love selfies, a photo booth is a truly entertaining way to keep your guests busy in between dance sessions. Provide your guests with a photo booth and some fun props and they will have the time of their lives!
  • Organize a small dancing or singing contest to help guests get off their seats and unto the dance floor. It doesn’t matter what prize you offer – as long as people have fun doing this, they will all be more than appreciative of your idea.

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Lighting is so important when it comes to creating a great atmosphere for your event!

Lighting can make or break an event. Even the simplest venue can be hugely transformed into a gorgeous space when the right lighting is used – so, yes, this is one of those things you should never skimp on.


How to create a great atmosphere for your event by using the right type of lighting? What are some of the main types of lighting to choose from? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Gobo lights, pattern projections and up lighting. These types of lighting tend to be more modern and they can add color and style in a very contemporary way. In short, gobo lights are luminous projections (such as a logo or a couple’s monogram), pattern projections are similar (but they project different types of patterns, rather than one simple logo) and up lighting is used to emphasize different areas of the room using colored (or non-colored) lights.
  • Fairy lights and festoon lights. These types of lights are usually used when creating a more casual and warm atmosphere. In general, the main difference between the two is related to the fact that fairy lights are used indoors or across trees and bushes, while festoon lights are used outdoor for garden events.
  • Storm lanterns and flambeaux. This is the kind of lighting you can choose when you want to create a special atmosphere on the path leading to the venue. However, you might not be able to use lanterns as the sole source of lighting if you plan on having the event on the outdoors.

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