Prom season is coming up! Be sure it is unforgettable


Life is beautiful from so many points of view that it would be a pity to miss out on some of its most important milestones. The prom is one of those special moments – the ones that mark us forever and create unforgettable memories to last for a lifetime.

How to make sure you’re planning a truly amazing prom everyone will love? We have gathered some unique themes to inspire you – so read on and find out more.

  • Who doesn’t want to be a star – even if just for a night? A Hollywood-themed prom can be a huge success with students and it can definitely add just enough of uniqueness to make this party a really memorable one.
  • Great Gatsby. Ever since the move came out, we have been mesmerized with the idea of the Roaring Twenties and their “trademark”, Great Gatsby. Luxurious, opulent and timeless, this party theme is a truly classy option that will be appreciated by everyone.
  • Want to create a modern, but truly unique prom party? Neon lights can help you achieve that! Set the mood for party and great memories by using strong neon colors not only for the lighting, but for other elements of the décor too. It will look fantastic!
  • Disney Fairytale. If you want this prom to be touched by romance, beauty and the innocence of the fairytales we all loved as kids, a Disney-themed party will be a more than great option. Beautiful and magical, this theme is bound to wow

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When your bridal party enters make sure the perfect song is playing!

Your bridal party is an essential part of your wedding – and their entrance should be announced in grand style. How to do that? How to make sure the perfect song is playing when your bridal party enters? We have gathered some ideas for you – so read on to inspire yourself.


  • U2’s Beautiful Day. This is indeed a very beautiful day – both for you as the couple who is tying the knot and for your closest friends and relatives too! Therefore, U2’s song is a more than amazing choice for your bridal party’s entrance. High-energy and positive, this song will put a smile on everyone’s faces.
  • Vangelis’ Chariots of Fire. Your bridal party announces your own entrance – so you should definitely choose a song that’s uplifting. Chariots of Fire is one of the best choices when it comes to this – so give it a good listen and see if it’s suitable for you, your wedding and your bridal party.
  • Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love. Want a smooth pass to your own entrance? Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love is one of the most romantic songs ever. Therefore, if you want a modern, yet emotional song to play as your bridal party walks in, this is a perfect option.
  • Black Eyed Peas’ I Got a Feeling. Also very modern and definitely high-spirited, this song is great for a bridal party who knows how to party and make for unforgettable memories. Put it on as your bridesmaids and groomsmen walk into the scene and they will feel very special!

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Do you know how to throw a great Bat Mitzvah?

A Bat Mitzvah is a very important event in the life of a little girl – so you definitely want to make this as memorable as possible for her. How to do that? How to throw a great Bat Mitzvah? Here are some tips to consider:


  • Location is key. Choose a location that looks nice, but make sure it provides you and your guests with all the comfort there is. Also, do keep in mind that it should be a location that’s accessible for everyone (and easy to reach by the out-of-town guests who might get easily lost in a town they don’t know too well).
  • With or without theme. Traditional Bat Mitzvahs tend to have a theme of their own – but if you want to, you can choose a completely unique theme for your Mitzvah too. It all lies in your preferences and in how traditional or non-traditional you want to be.
  • The food. One thing that’s very important in Bat Mitzvahs is the food. Again, you are free to go as fancy as you want – but most of the times, the most successful dishes are traditional Jewish dishes that are cooked very well and taste really good. Also, don’t forget about bringing in a delicious cake too!
  • The details. Just like planning a wedding, a Bat Mitzvah should be focused on the details too. Pay attention to the small things that make the large differences – such as the caterer you choose, how the location looks on the inside, as well as on the outside and how the cake is designed to reflect the celebrated one’s personality and tastes.

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