Be sure you ask your wedding DJ these ceremony music questions when booking them for your big day!

There’s nothing more unique, more special or more sensitive than your wedding day – and of all the elements comprising it, your wedding ceremony is not even by far the least important one. In fact, that’s why you will all gather there: to celebrate love and commitment, to share your vows and your hopes for the future and to unite with the one you love.

Obviously, you want the background music to be absolutely flawless when it comes to this huge moment in your life. But what are some of the things to discuss with your DJ before the ceremony? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

Check out this incredible DJ set up.

  • How long will they be at the ceremony? If you have hired a DJ just for the ceremony, make sure you ask him about the number of hours for which he will be hired. Also, ask him if he will be there for the wedding cocktail hour too (which would be great, as you need to make sure your cocktail hour is “fueled” by great, relaxing and positive music).
  • Are there any pieces of equipment you will need to rent? Most of the really professional DJs have everything they need to ensure the quality of their sound systems. However, depending on the venue and on the particular DJ, they might need extras from you or from your venue. DO make sure to ask about this!
  • Are there any recommendations he can make? Considering your DJ has been doing this for a long time, he definitely knows “one thing or two” about creating amazing wedding ceremony playlists. If you are stuck for ideas, remember to ask your DJ – he might have an ace up his sleeve and save the day!

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Provide your event with fun by utilizing Spangler Entertainment’s entertainers!

Here, at Spangler Entertainment, we know better than anyone that planning a successful event takes time, dedication and a lot of attention to detail. This is precisely why we want to make sure your event is truly unforgettable by providing you with excellent entertainment services that will put a smile on all of your guests’ faces.

Regardless of whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate event, a large birthday party, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or any other type of event, you can rest assured that Spangler Entertainment is here to serve you in a truly professional way.

Here are some of our best event entertainment services:

These are our performers at a recent convention

  • It doesn’t matter how young or old your guests may be: they will always love a good trick! With Spangler Entertainment’s magicians on your side, your event is bound to be absolutely magical and memorable! Plus, if you have children invited, this will be a great way to make sure they’re kept busy and out of trouble.
  • Caricature artists. Want your guests to leave home with a really unique memory? Hire our caricature artists! They will create amazing, funny and really special caricatures on the spot, so that your guests leave the event with a great souvenir.
  • Of course, providing fun music is essential for every event’s success. But adding a bit of extra-entertainment to the mix can boost the fun levels and wow everyone too! Hire our impersonators and you’re in for an unforgettable show!

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As the Groom, show mom how special she is with a mother/son dance!

Your mother is one of the most important people in your life – not only she gave you birth, but she also raised you to be the amazing man you are today. Considering your wedding will be a huge event for her just as it is for you, showing her how special it is can be a truly beautiful gesture she will love.

For example, a sentimental mother/son dance can make for an unforgettable moment – but how do you choose the perfect song for this wedding highlight? We have gathered some options for you – so read on if you’re searching for some mother/son dance inspiration:


  • Pink Floyd’s Mother. An absolute classic of the 60s, this song is a really nice touch for a mother who loves the music of that decade and who is also very sentimental about her son’s wedding. A great song for an awesome mother!
  • Ben E. King’s Stand by Me. Ask her to stand by you through life’s turmoil and she will be there for you unconditionally. It doesn’t matter that you’re getting married – you will always be her little boy and she will always want to be there to protect you from anything that may harm you! Such a wonderful song for a mother/son dance!
  • Bob Dylan’s Forever Young. Wish the best for your mother! Wish her to stay forever young, so that she can be forever with you! This song can be really emotional – and not just for you and your mother, but for everyone present too!

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Photo source: makelessnoise