Don’t forget to have a great pose for your photo booth

Photo booths are a great opportunity to be silly and childish in front of the camera, without feeling intimidated by whoever is behind it. This is precisely why these fun tools have grown so incredibly popular at various types of events – and it is precisely why you might want one for your big party too.

What are some fun poses to try in your photo booth? We have some ideas for you – so, if you are searching for inspiration, be sure to read on and find out more.

Here is a Roaring 20s Entrance

  • All by yourself. Just you and the camera? Now’s the chance to get really silly! Mimic famous dances, such as YMCA or the robot dance, mimic going down the stairs or taking the elevator, take shots of yourself imitating various emotions or simply moving your head in all corners of the screen – HAVE FUN. There’s only you and the camera, so you can get really, really creative here!
  • Fun and touchy. Planning an emotional event in your life – such as a Bar Mitzvah or a wedding? Provide people with a chalkboard and some chalk and allow them to write down their messages for you. You will LOVE looking at these photos years from now!
  • Boys will be boys…and girls will be girls. Want to shoot some thematic photos in your photo booth? Bring your favorite girl-friends and pretend you’re supermodels on the catwalk! Bring your guys and pretend you’re boxing or simply show off those hard-worked muscles! Again, this is all about feeling great with yourself and having fun!

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Asking your DJ these questions will assist in hiring them

Planning a big party? A corporate event? A Bar Miztvah or even your own wedding day? Well, you surely want to have the very best music at your big event – but how do you make sure you hire the perfect DJ for the task?

We have some useful questions you should definitely ask your DJ before you hire them – so read on and find out more.

DJ Tyler getting ready to rock out a prom!

  • Will he have a backup plan in case something goes wrong – such as if he gets ill before the event’s date? You don’t want to be left completely uncovered, so your DJ should have a Plan B in case he cannot make it to the party.
  • Will he talk a lot during the event? Is he the kind of MC who goes over-the-top with all the announcements? Or is he quiet and low-key? Depending on your style and on the formality of the event, you may want to hire someone who keeps it lower with the announcements.
  • Will he help you make a smooth transition between the event’s main moments? A good DJ is more than just the “guy with the music”. He helps the hosts make sure the timeline is closely followed and that the micro-moments of the day are smoothly incorporated into the bigger picture.
  • What are his tastes in music? What type of music does he like? What type of music doesn’t he like? Knowing this should give you a much better idea of the music he is likely to play at your event.

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There are many events for songs within your wedding

Your wedding is a marvelous celebration of hope, beauty and love. And since music will always be associated with life’s most important events, it is only natural that you want your Big Day to be accompanied by the very best songs.

What are some of the main events to select songs for within your wedding? Even more, how to do this the right way and ensure you are fully happy with the results? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

Bride mixing her own tunes


  • Before the ceremony. This is the moment to play calm, soothing and romantic songs that will get your guests in the mood for the emotional moments ahead of them (and you!).
  • During the ceremony. There are two musical parts involved in a ceremony: the processional and the recessional. Depending on what your wedding style is, what songs you like and, ultimately, what represents you as a couple, you have complete freedom to choose very modern songs, very classical songs or even a combination of both. Your wedding, your choice!
  • During the wedding. Your First Dance is one of the biggest wedding highlights – so it’s essential that you select a song that mirrors your love story and your hopes for the future. Again, you have complete freedom to choose whatever genre you love most – so don’t be afraid to get creative.
  • During the wedding dances, it is crucial to remember that there are songs that are simply not appropriate for a wedding. Macarena, the Chicken Dance, YMCA, My Heart Will Go On – they are all songs you’ve probably heard at weddings before. But if you give them a thorough listen (and if you search for their lyrics’ translations where this is necessary), you will see why they are completely inadequate for a wedding’s playlist.

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