Romantic ways to include your music passion in the big day

Forget about rules and etiquette – your wedding should be all about you, your personalities, and your beautiful, heart-warming love story. Of course, if music is a big part of your lives, and if you want to make sure this is reflected in the big day, you can always incorporate musical touches into the décor.

How to do this? We have gathered some tasteful, sweet, and romantic ideas both you and your guests will absolutely love – so read on for inspiration.

  • A very special pair of sweethearts’ chairs. Planning to have an actual sweethearts’ table at your wedding? Customize your chairs with small chalkboards that read your favorite all-time song lyrics. It can be your wedding song itself, or simply something that defines your story – either way, it will look lovely!
  • Wear your favorite music at your feet. Walk down the aisle embraced by your favorite song by customizing the soles of the shoes with the music score of your beloved tune. It’s such a nice way of adding personality to your bridal look!
  • Rice cones made with music touches. If you want your guests to toss rice as you make your wedding ceremony exit, add a bit of musicality into the picture as well. Instead of using plain paper for the rice cones, use music scores – they will look really great, they will complement your wedding theme, and they will make rice tossing even more meaningful and fun.

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Line dances will bring a sense of fun to your event

Regardless of whether you are planning a big birthday party, an anniversary, a wedding, or a corporate event, you will want to make sure every single guests has plenty of fun. And yes, music plays a huge role in all this.

How to replace the line dance songs your guests know way too much? We have some suggestions for you – so read on, find out more, and create the very best playlist for your wedding day.

  • The Cha Cha Slide is an all-time wedding classic – but most people have listened to it one too many times. If you want to avoid a bored crowd, replace this song with Cupid’s Shuffle. This song is sweet and full of energy – but even more than anything, it’s just perfect for a joyous life event (such as an anniversary or a wedding, for example).
  • The Locomotion is another classic line dance song everyone loves. However, the sad truth is that it’s been played at nearly every wedding for the last few decades. Why not replace it with a tune that’s just as catchy and energizing, but a bit more modern? The Harlem Shake is a great example here.
  • Staying Alive is another great party song that attracts a lot of people to the dance floor. Same as the other songs mentioned here though, it’s been played too much – and it might be time for it to take a break. Blurred Lines is a great replacement for this song – so give it a chance and you will not regret it!

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Consider skipping these songs on your wedding day

Your wedding should be amazing from all points of view – and music is definitely one of the most important parts to consider. Of course, you might have some ideas as to what you want to play at your wedding – but do you know the songs you can actually skip at your big day? We have some tips for you – so read on for inspiration.

  • Macarena, Los del Rio. Did you ever know this is a song about cheating – and being proud and happy with it? So, if you need a good reason to skip it at your wedding, its lyrics will definitely make do.
  • I Gotta Feeling, The Black Eyed Peas. We all love this song and it’s a really good one. However, it’s been played in every club, at every birthday party and Sweet Sixteen, and ever wedding and corporate event for years It’s high time we gave it a break…
  • Every Breath You Take, The Police. Have you ever stopped to actually listen to the lyrics? There’s something inherently stalker-ish about them that makes them completely inappropriate for a wedding.
  • Hot in Herre, Nelly. Although you may have heard this at weddings before, the truth is that it may be a bit too…racy for a wedding. Unless your grandparents are really cool with overly sexualized music and unless there are absolutely no kids at your wedding, this song should be skipped altogether.

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