Create the perfect dance for your wedding

Thought you have to be a professional dancer or to hire a professional choreographer to pull off one of those fantastic, unforgettable wedding dances? Well, you were wrong – anyone can learn a few basic tricks and create a First Dance their guests will always remember.

Sure, it takes a bit of determination and practice – but love can really move the mountains, right? Here are some of the crucial elements to remember when creating the perfect dance for your wedding:

  • Start on the right foot – or, better said, in the right pose. The leader’s left hand should be cupped under the right shoulder blade of the follower, while the latter’s right hand should rest upon the biceps of the leader. Further on, both of the partners should clasp their “free” hands together.
  • You don’t need to learn very complicated dance moves for your wedding dance – the basic box step will definitely get you out of trouble, regardless of the song playing in the background. You can easily learn this dance step with online tutorials and a little time at your disposal – and you can absolutely pull it off even if you have never danced before.
  • If you want to make your First Dance look and feel more spectacular, you can add a few easy tricks – such as the underarm turn or a dip. These dance moves are really easy to learn too, and they can definitely add that wow effect that will impress everyone invited at your wedding.

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Incorporating group dances into your big day

Your big day is such a marvelous and unforgettable celebration in your life that it would be a real pity for you and your guests to not have the time of your lives. Sure, the food, the drinks, the décor – they all matter a lot. But it is always the entertainment that makes people create amazing memories, right?

Have you considered incorporating group dances into your big day? If not, you should – here are some awesome ideas you can bring into this special event:

  • A group dance with your bridesmaids. Your lovely super-ladies are full of energy and they deserve to be in the center of attention for at least a few minutes (especially after all the help they provided you with!). Prepare a special group dance with them and they will surely love the idea!
  • A First Dance turned group dance. Want to thank your entire wedding party for everything they’ve done for you? Invite them into your First Dance and start your wedding reception in good spirits! We bet your guests will like this so much they will want to join in as well!
  • A group dance that honors your beautiful heritage. If you come from a different national or ethnic background, you should definitely incorporate elements of your ancestry in your wedding day – and what better way to do this than through a traditional group dance? It will be highly emotional for you and your family, it will show off the beauties of your culture to the other guests, and it will also make everyone feel more energized!

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Handling song requests that you dislike

Wedding, Bar Mitzvah, anniversary, birthday, or even corporate event – regardless of what type of party you’re planning, you will want everyone there to feel great. Where do you draw the line between your guests’ wishes and your party’s style, though? How do you handle song requests that you dislike?

Here are some tips you should definitely keep in mind:

  • Talk to your DJ. Some DJs have a very specific policy when it comes to guest song requests. For instance, some professionals are strictly against it, others are happy to do it, and others simply go with the host’s choice. It is very important to clear this matter from the very beginning and see if your DJ and you are compatible in this respect.
  • The “Do Not Play” list. If your DJ does take requests and if you agree to this, remember that it is crucial to leave him with a list of songs to avoid at all costs. Don’t rush with the creation of this playlist – take your time and think of all songs you deeply dislike. Providing your DJ with this list gives him a polite way to turn down requests containing these songs and a great way to ensure your happiness with his services.
  • The last-minute option. If you haven’t created a list of songs not to play and you start noticing bad songs “sneaking” into your event, you can politely ask your DJ to turn down all or some requests (e.g. if you dislike certain artists or genres, you can let him know to refuse those requests).

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