Wedding Music DONT’s You Must Avoid

We’re sure everyone has taught you everything about the things you should do when it comes to your wedding music – from how to choose the best songs for all those special moments to how to choose the right DJ.

Yet, are you fully aware of the worst wedding music DON’Ts to avoid when planning the wedding? We have gathered some of them right here – continue reading if you want to find out more.


  • Starting the ceremony in complete silence. Sure, you will want a few moments of silence before people start walking down the aisle. Aside from that though, it is more than recommended that you play 30 minutes of chill, beautiful and inspiring music (such as instrumental songs, jazz, and so on).
  • Playing a wedding processional song that’s offensive to the officiant. Depending on your religion and where you are getting married, you may have to face some restrictions in terms of what music can and cannot be played during the ceremony. Make sure you don’t upset the officiant and discuss this matter with them first and foremost!
  • Refusing to meet with your DJ until the very last moment. We all agree phone calls and emails are faster, but a face to face discussion can really help you understand your DJ and if they are truly suitable for this job. Talk to them about your concerns, contractual matters, paying extra for a couple more hours, and all these apparently small, but truly significant wedding music-issues.

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Your Favorite Movie Could Inspire Your First Dance

Do you and your loved one share a favorite movie? We bet you have not one, but multiple favorite movies – and that at least one of them has a romantic moment in it. What if you borrowed the romance and beautiful vibes of that song and incorporated it into your First Dance?

Following, we have gathered some song and movie suggestions to inspire you in this choice – read on and create a wedding dance moment that will amaze everyone!

  • Top Gun. Of course, Take My Breath Away could not have missed this list, especially since it is (by far!) one of the most popular, romantic, and unforgettable songs in the history of modern music. If you want to create a powerful moment nobody at your wedding will ever forget, this song is truly perfect for that.
  • Dirty Dancing. Want your wedding dance to be really energizing, sweet and romantic? Take inspiration from Dirty Dancing – both in terms of dance moves and in terms of song choice! I Had the Time of My Life will get everyone off their seats, applauding you and your loved one!
  • James Bond. OK, this may not be your average romantic movie – but there’s something utterly irresistible about this modern-day hero and his love stories that it would be impossible not to include We Have All the Time in the World in this list too. Absolutely perfect for a First Dance!
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral. Again, not your typical romantic movie – but admit it: there’s a fair dose of sweet romance and fun in it too. “Steal” Love Is All Around Us from this movie and we guarantee guests will love your First Dance moment.

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Wedding Playlist Timing Tips You Need to Know

We all know how important music is – especially in large events, such as a wedding. Of course, you want to choose songs that are truly and utterly suitable for you and your relationship – but do you actually know the rules of putting them together in a harmonious way? Do you know why timing is so important when creating the right wedding playlist? We have some answers for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Yes, your songs’ length should be fully coordinated with the micro-events they are representing. This way, you will create seamlessly connected moments that are part of the bigger love story. Plus, keeping your songs under a certain length will also help you ensure nobody gets bored during these moments.
  • For instance, your wedding processional song should be sweet and positive, but it shouldn’t last for more than 4 minutes. If your wedding part is larger than the usual, you can (and should!) choose a song that offers them enough time to walk down the aisle and go to the altar. Other than that though, anything longer than 4 minutes is likely to make the guests feel bored.
  • Also, your First Dance song shouldn’t be longer than 3 minutes either. We know you want to create a totally unforgettable moment here, but a song longer than that is quite probably way too much for a bunch of guests eagerly awaiting for the party to start. Your First Dance moment will be sweet and romantic – but making it too long can also feel tiresome for some guests.

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