Top Tips for a Truly Memorable Big Day

Of all the events and parties you will plan in your life, none will be as crucial, as life-changing, and as unforgettable as your wedding. You may have an anniversary once a year, and you may plan really fun company parties for work – but your wedding is one. It only happens once, so it is perfectly understandable why you might feel pretty stressed out over it.

What are the best tips to remember for a truly memorable wedding day? Read on to find out more.

  • Provide people with different ways of having fun. Dancing is one thing – and yes, you want all of your guests to spend at least a couple of songs on the dance floor. But beyond that, you might want to provide other types of entertainment as well – especially for those guests who are not very much into dancing.
  • For instance, you could hire a photo booth. Or even better, you could ask people to shoot themselves using a particular Snapchat filter and hashtag. These things will make for really great memories. Even more, you could plan entire games meant to entertain the guests – such as a “wedding” version of the classic bingo, for example. All you have to do is replace the numbers with actions guests have to make before ticking the boxes!
  • Don’t forget: hiring a good DJ is just as important as creating a playlist that suits your style and preferences. So be sure to run your research and hire the DJ that appeals to you from all points of view!

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It’s Time to Party! Create the Most Entertaining Wedding Reception Playlist with These Tips

We know you want your Tennessee guests to really party at your wedding or event. But what does it take to create the kind of party playlist that really brings (and keeps) everyone on the dance floor? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Yes, sometimes it’s that simple. Ask your guests what songs they would like to hear during the wedding. You can do this via the RSVPs or you can simply leave little notes close to the DJ, so that your guests can write down their requests. Sure, your DJ will not be able to play all of these songs, given the limited amount of time available – but he might be able to sift through the requests and see which are the most popular ones at least.
  • It’s OK to be devoted to one musical genres – but your guests are so different among themselves! Diversify the playlist with songs pertaining to different ages and different genres – this way, you strike a better chance of actually gathering everyone on the dance floor, from your auntie to your pre-teen sister.
  • Be Popular. Yes, it does help to know the most popular wedding reception songs of the moment – chances are most of your guests will enjoy these. For instance, OutKast’s Hey Ya! Is still among the top preferences, along with Uptown Funk, All of Me, and even Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody. Pretty diverse, right?


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3 Wedding Ceremony Song Ideas You Will LOVE

Your wedding ceremony deserves to be really, really amazing. It doesn’t happen every day that you tie the knot in front of all of your friends and closest relatives – so yes, you definitely want to make this event feel absolutely unforgettable.

Here at Spangler Entertainment, we believe in the power of music more than anything else. We think music should accompany us on the biggest life events – and weddings make no exception. Yet, how do you use music to make your wedding ceremony feel utterly unique? What are the best songs for this special moment? Read on and inspire yourself.

  • Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful songs created in the last few decades, Hallelujah is more than a hit – it’s a true ballad of the soul, able to soothe and elevate humans to a state of beautiful dreaming. That is precisely why this song is so great for weddings!
  • Your Song, Elton John. A voice impossible to mistake and a song with deep, meaningful lyrics. What more could you wish from your wedding processional song? Give this a listen once again and you will definitely see why it’s such a great choice for your Big Day too!
  • Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter. In love with the book/movie series? Looking for an instrumental song that’s modern and unique at the same time? This is IT! If you don’t remember it, listen to it right now – we guarantee you’ll fall in love with it!

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