Last Dance Song Ideas You Will Really Love

Your wedding should be sprinkled with moments of beauty and joy – and music plays a huge role in creating the right atmosphere for these special moments!

Of course, your First Dance song is crucial – but make sure not to forget about the Last Dance as well! To help you pick the right song for this, we have gathered some of the most popular suggestions out there – so read on and find out more.

  • The Beatles – Hello, Goodbye. There’s nothing sweeter or more romantic than a Beatles song – especially for those of you in love with the vintage, timeless touch this music brings into every event. This particular song is very well-suited for a Last Dance precisely due to its sweet and romantic message – so if you could definitely consider it for this special moment.
  • Paul Simon – Late in the Evening. Such a great voice, such a beautiful song! If you want to add a touch of eroticism and romanticism to your Last Dance, include this song in the playlist for this particular special moment. It will be a really great choice!
  • Frank Sinatra – Fly Me to the Moon. Allow Frank Sinatra’s voice to walk your Last Dance steps towards the reception exit – but more than anything, allow each other to fly yourselves to the moon with the power of your love! Such a romantic song, filled with positive vibes and beauty! Such an amazing choice for your Last Dance!


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That’s How Bride and Grooms Plan TRULY Fun Weddings!

As the bride and groom, you want your wedding to be perfect. But maybe even more than that, you want your wedding to create the kind of memories that make everyone smile. You want your wedding to be TRULY fun.

How do brides and grooms plan this kind of successful events? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Be comfortable. A happy host is more inviting and makes people feel more comfortable and more inclined to be themselves and have fun. Change into a dress that’s more comfortable if that helps. Hire a day-of-coordinator to take the stress off your shoulders. Be happy and contempt with the Big Day – it can make such a huge difference in your guests’ disposition!
  • Plan a lounge area. Guests will want to dance, but they will also want to take a break from time to time – and this is where lounge areas come into play. A comfortable area where people can simply chit-chat and feel good will be more than welcomed, so don’t forget to consider this.
  • Hire a DJ who will actually understand you. Someone who knows how fun weddings and events happen. Someone who knows how to “read” your guests. But more than anything, someone who is genuinely inclined to listen to you and communicate. You need a DJ who understands your taste in music and your wedding style, so that he can mix the best music for your particular situation!


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Use These Tips to Entertain All Ages at Your Wedding

It doesn’t matter how young or old your guests may be – they’ve all spent time (and money) to be there for you and celebrate your love story in a grand way. Naturally, they want to have fun – and you want the same too.

How do you keep everyone entertained during the Big Day, regardless of their actual age? We have some tips for you – continue reading if you want to find out more.

  • Guests who are your age (or close). There are a lot of studies on what Millennials want and don’t want to see at weddings – but most of them find common ground on the importance music plays. Invest in a good DJ and create a wedding playlist that’s likeable, versatile and unique at the same time – it might take a bit to do this, but it will pay off when you see everyone dancing all night long!
  • Guests who are older. You will probably invite quite a lot of relatives at your wedding – and some of them may be past their second youth. These guests love a good oldie but goldie and they will even join in on the dance floor if a favorite song comes up – so don’t be afraid to include different musical decades into the mix. Also, remember to double-check all lyrics – you really don’t want to offend anyone with an inappropriate song.
  • Guests who are (very) young. Kids need their own entertainment too! Create a special table just for them, with games and coloring books to keep them busy and happy throughout the wedding. Also, if you can, hire a children’s entertainer too – it will make them feel really great!


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