Do you know how to create a fun reception?

Planning a fun, unforgettable event can be difficult, especially when you have no idea where to start. And yet, with a detail-oriented approach and an open-minded attitude, you can definitely pull of a fantastic reception regardless of how tight your budget may be, of what the purpose of the event may be or how many people are invited.

Do you really know how to create a fun reception? Here are some great tips to inspire you with this:

Beautiful wedding at the Nashville Downtown Hilton.

  • The décor is actually important. Yes, it may not be entertainment per se. But it can definitely set people in the right mood, it can surely create a great ambiance and it can absolutely complement your event’s theme, purpose and story. So, by all means, invest time and patience in putting together a décor that really speaks about how much you want this reception to be FUN.
  • Music is obviously crucial. And no, music from an USB stick will never be as good as music mixed by a pro who knows what people want to listen to, when they want to listen to it and, probably most importantly, how to make all those people want to not just listen to the music, but dance on it as well.
  • Be spontaneous and surprising. People love being surprised in a nice way. A photo booth, a fun theme that takes people back in time (or further in the future), a night full of games – these things can make a huge difference for your event, so it is more than worth considering them. They might cost a little extra – but they will add so much to your reception that you will never regret having invested in them.

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