Event Music 101: DJ Vs. DIY

Regardless of what type of event you want to plan, you want to make sure all of your guests have a great time. Be it a Christmas party for your company, a huge corporate event for your clients and partners, a wedding or a Bar Mitzvah, you want all of the people invited to create amazing memories while there.

And yes, music is a huge part of this.

Should you go the DIY route with it, though? Should you hire an event DJ? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • DIY may save you money, but it can be time consuming – both before the event and during it as well. Crating a playlist that incorporates everything your guests might like takes time. But even more than that, you are not guaranteed to stick to the same playlist throughout the entire evening (e.g. your guests’ mood may change, and thus you will have to change up the music as well).
  • Furthermore, knowing what type of musical equipment is suitable for your particular wedding venue can be quite difficult. A DJ will either know the venue or they will visit it beforehand to make sure the sound is perfectly well-distributed throughout the wedding venue.
  • Last, but not least, wedding DJs know how to maintain and create an atmosphere. They have a huge database of songs readily available (so now iTunes downloading during the actual event!). They have the experience necessary to make this more than just “mixing some songs”.


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