Incorporating group dances into your big day

Your big day is such a marvelous and unforgettable celebration in your life that it would be a real pity for you and your guests to not have the time of your lives. Sure, the food, the drinks, the décor – they all matter a lot. But it is always the entertainment that makes people create amazing memories, right?

Have you considered incorporating group dances into your big day? If not, you should – here are some awesome ideas you can bring into this special event:

  • A group dance with your bridesmaids. Your lovely super-ladies are full of energy and they deserve to be in the center of attention for at least a few minutes (especially after all the help they provided you with!). Prepare a special group dance with them and they will surely love the idea!
  • A First Dance turned group dance. Want to thank your entire wedding party for everything they’ve done for you? Invite them into your First Dance and start your wedding reception in good spirits! We bet your guests will like this so much they will want to join in as well!
  • A group dance that honors your beautiful heritage. If you come from a different national or ethnic background, you should definitely incorporate elements of your ancestry in your wedding day – and what better way to do this than through a traditional group dance? It will be highly emotional for you and your family, it will show off the beauties of your culture to the other guests, and it will also make everyone feel more energized!

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