Your Cocktail Hour Music Matters Too!

You have music for your big ceremony processional, and you have music for the great exit. You have music for the special dances, as well as for the big dance session in the middle of your reception. But have you considered your cocktail hour music too? Not as relaxing as the music played on the ceremony background, and definitely not as party-oriented as the music you’ll play during the reception, your cocktail hour needs to be really well-built if you want to make your guests enter their “party mood”.

What are some suggestions you might include in your cocktail hour playlist? Read on and find out more.

  • The Beatles, Here Comes the Sun. If you are searching for a song everyone will recognize and still put a huge smile on their faces even if they’ve heard it a thousand times before, this is IT. Lovely and more than amazing for a wedding, this Beatles tune will really put everyone in party mode.
  • Eric Clapton, Wonderful Tonight. Of course, you want to include some classic romantic songs too – and what could be more classic, romantic, and unforgettable than Eric Clapton’s voice singing a song filled with real romantic lyrics? Yes, your guests will love this!
  • Coldplay, Yellow. Somewhere in between high energy and really relaxing, this song is perfect for the cocktail hour for its rhythm, for its lyrics, and for the meaning behind it. Even if they don’t know it already, people will instantly fall in love with it!


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