Find the Right Song for Your Mother Son Dance

Your mother son dance is bound to be really emotional and unforgettable – both for you and for your mother as well. Even more, bystanders are also bound to be touched by the beauty and meaningfulness of this special wedding moment – so you definitely want to choose a song that raises up to the occasion and envelops all the amazing feelings you have for your mom. Here are some suggestions that might inspire you here:

  • A Song for My Son, Mikki Viereck. Probably not as well-known as many other typical mother son dance songs, this one’s a really touchy one. If you want your mother son dance’s lyrics to be in plain sight, but also want to turn the spotlight unto your mother and tell the story from her perspective, this option is perfect for you.
  • Paul Todd, The First Lady in My Life. Yes, she was the first lady in your life – the one that taught you not only how to treat all the other ladies you meet, but the one who supported you and who will always support you no matter what. She deserves a song as powerful as this!
  • Ray Charles, Hit the Road Jack. It may not sound like your typical song for this kind of moment, but Ray Charles’ famous tune can be an excellent choice for a mother with a strong sense of humor! Give it a close listen and you will understand why!


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As the Groom, show mom how special she is with a mother/son dance!

Your mother is one of the most important people in your life – not only she gave you birth, but she also raised you to be the amazing man you are today. Considering your wedding will be a huge event for her just as it is for you, showing her how special it is can be a truly beautiful gesture she will love.

For example, a sentimental mother/son dance can make for an unforgettable moment – but how do you choose the perfect song for this wedding highlight? We have gathered some options for you – so read on if you’re searching for some mother/son dance inspiration:


  • Pink Floyd’s Mother. An absolute classic of the 60s, this song is a really nice touch for a mother who loves the music of that decade and who is also very sentimental about her son’s wedding. A great song for an awesome mother!
  • Ben E. King’s Stand by Me. Ask her to stand by you through life’s turmoil and she will be there for you unconditionally. It doesn’t matter that you’re getting married – you will always be her little boy and she will always want to be there to protect you from anything that may harm you! Such a wonderful song for a mother/son dance!
  • Bob Dylan’s Forever Young. Wish the best for your mother! Wish her to stay forever young, so that she can be forever with you! This song can be really emotional – and not just for you and your mother, but for everyone present too!

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Photo source: makelessnoise