These Songs Are Just Perfect to Celebrate Your Guests’ Love Stories!

You have your First Dance, your Mother Son Dance, your Father Daughter Dance, your Last Dance, and a several other special musical moments during the Big Day. Why not create a special moment celebrating your guests’ love stories too? If you know they will soon celebrate special anniversaries, or if you just want to honor long, beautiful marriages, play a song just for these guests and invite them for a special dance. They will love it!

Not sure what kind of songs would work with this moment? Here are some suggestions:

  • Mariah Carey, Dreamlover. Looking for a powerful voice everyone can instantly recognize? Mariah Carey may be precisely what you need! With a song that’s fun and catchy, your guests will instantly flock to the dance floor to celebrate the love stories of the married couples among them!
  • Bryan Adams, (Everything I Do) I Do It for You. There’s nothing like a good Bryan Adams song – and this one tends to win the race in most weddings. If you haven’t picked this for your First Dance (or last one, for that matter), select it for your special “married couples” moment. People will absolutely love it!
  • Brenda Holloway, You’ve Made Me So Very Happy. If you want this special moment to be dominated by a soothing, unforgettable voice everyone will fall in love with, look this song up. It’s a true masterpiece of the romantic genre – guaranteed to make everyone feel really lovely!


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