Is Unconventional Ceremony Music *Always* OK?

We will always encourage the couples we work with to choose music that represents them and their love stories. Yet, this doesn’t mean it is always OK to settle on completely unconventional options (especially with the ceremony music, which tends to be more traditional).

So, what are these situations? When is it not alright to play unconventional music during the ceremony? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • When the lyrics are inappropriate in any way. Be sure to give your songs a very good listen before putting them on the playlist. Some of them are not that bad when you first hear them, but when you give them a closer listen, you will find that they are totally incompatible with weddings.
  • When the ceremony site doesn’t allow it. Some religious sites are quite strict with what can happen inside, during the ceremony. From music to décor, they will be very specific about the elements they agree with and the elements that are completely forbidden. If you are very keen on personalizing your ceremony, be sure to talk to your ceremony officiant and see what they think about this.
  • When your loved one is not exactly a fan. No matter how much you like a song, don’t play it at the wedding if your fiancé doesn’t like it. You wouldn’t like this either, and this wedding is for both of you, right? Your wedding should be pleasant for both of you!

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