Create the perfect dance for your wedding

Thought you have to be a professional dancer or to hire a professional choreographer to pull off one of those fantastic, unforgettable wedding dances? Well, you were wrong – anyone can learn a few basic tricks and create a First Dance their guests will always remember.

Sure, it takes a bit of determination and practice – but love can really move the mountains, right? Here are some of the crucial elements to remember when creating the perfect dance for your wedding:

  • Start on the right foot – or, better said, in the right pose. The leader’s left hand should be cupped under the right shoulder blade of the follower, while the latter’s right hand should rest upon the biceps of the leader. Further on, both of the partners should clasp their “free” hands together.
  • You don’t need to learn very complicated dance moves for your wedding dance – the basic box step will definitely get you out of trouble, regardless of the song playing in the background. You can easily learn this dance step with online tutorials and a little time at your disposal – and you can absolutely pull it off even if you have never danced before.
  • If you want to make your First Dance look and feel more spectacular, you can add a few easy tricks – such as the underarm turn or a dip. These dance moves are really easy to learn too, and they can definitely add that wow effect that will impress everyone invited at your wedding.

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Wow your guests with a memorable first dance

All of your wedding moments will be filled with joy, hope, and beauty – but your wedding dance will surely stand out from the crowd and stick to your memory as a magical, unforgettable micro-event.

How to really wow your guests with a memorable first dance, though? We have some tips for you – so read on if you don’t want to have the traditional wedding dance.

  • Music matters. The song you choose for your first dance will set the tone – literally. Therefore, it’s very important not to feel constricted by any kind of traditions or “rules of etiquette”. If Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters or Missy Elliot’s Get Your Fun On is what makes you tick as a couple, go ahead and settle on it.
  • Hire a band just for the wedding dance. Not sure what to choose between a band and a DJ? How about both? Hiring a band for the first dance will add a special, unique touch to your entire moment, making it feel more real, more personal, and more unforgettable too.
  • Create a medley of songs. If you can’t settle on one song only, don’t worry – you can actually mingle multiple of them into one. Create a really unique blend that speaks about your personalities and love stories – we guarantee guests will love the idea.
  • Bring in some props. Big Star Wars fans? Why not start your wedding dance with a short light saber moment? Want to add a bit of humor? Wearing fun props will surely do the trick. The main point is not being afraid to step outside of what’s been done a million times before and being really creative about this once-in-a-lifetime moment!

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Be sure to choose the best dance moves for you and your big day

Your wedding day is hugely important for you – so it’s perfectly normal to want everything about it to be just picture-perfect. Of course, all the décor, all the flowers and all the delicious foods will all matter – but have you considered your dance moves for your Big Day too?

If not, here are some of the basic steps you should learn to pull off an amazing show on the dance floor:

Here is the Gasby Entrance we created for the incredible Stewarts Creek High School Prom!


  • The basic box step. This step is ideal for almost every slow song ever – including your first dance song too. Learn this step and you will be able to look romantic and gracious regardless of the slow song that comes with the playlist.
  • The Charleston. Those Roaring Twenties, jazzy tunes can be real fun – and when you know how to pull off a dance inspired by that decade, you will be the true center of attention. The Charleston is fun to learn and it will definitely awe all of your guests – so invest some time in learning the basic steps behind it!
  • The Electric Slider. Perfect for certain group and line songs, the Electric Slider is purely fun – so it’s more than worth learning the steps to it, so that you can keep up with your wedding guests.
  • Want to spice things up in a Latino style? Salsa is a very well-known Latino dance – and it can look more than impressive when performed correctly. Learn this with your future spouse and you will look gorgeous dancing on it at your wedding!

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