The Most Special Wedding Music Ideas

Your wedding music is bound to be one of the most crucial wedding elements – so you will surely want to make sure you plan this the right way. What if you want to move past the simple playlist and include some fun musical ideas into your Big Day too? We have some amazing inspiration for you – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Make it a grand moment for you and your wedding party. These guys and girls have helped you throughout the entire wedding planning process – so they definitely deserve standing in the spotlight for a bit. Organize a special musical moment with them – even if you are not the most perfect singers and instrument players on Earth, the moment will still be fun, sentimental, and memorable.
  • Ask guests about their favorite songs. The best way to make sure people get to listen to their favorite songs? Asking them, of course! Include an extra-line on the RSVP where they can write their favorite song title and try to include as many of them as possible into the final playlist.
  • Leave behind the simple table numbers. They are not only boring, but they can also make some of the guests feel “ranked”. Replacing these table numbers with your favorite band names or song titles is so much better! It will add personality, uniqueness and entertainment to your wedding!
  • Organize a small karaoke party. Everyone loves karaoke – and they have all the reasons to, in the end. Organize a karaoke party and your guests will definitely line up to stand on stage and have the time of their lives!

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The Ultimate Wedding Music Planning Tips

Wedding planning has never been (and will probably never be) easy – and music is a huge part of the entire plan. What are the crucial tips all couples should keep in mind before planning their wedding music? Read on and find out more.

  • Listen to your DJ. Sure, you will most likely not do this live, as you may not get invited at the events they are working. Still, they will have recordings they can show you – and this will be enough for you to see if you like their style and if they are compatible with your own wedding.
  • Listen to your venue. It is very, very important to know the acoustics of your wedding venue. If your DJ has never performed there before, it would be recommended that he gets there and tests out the acoustics of the venue. This is the best way to ensure he will bring along all the pieces of equipment needed for true high-quality music.
  • Listen to what the contract says. You might be tempted to “get it over with” and just sign the contract – but that’s precisely what you shouldn’t do, actually. Take your time to carefully analyze all the terms of the contract and see if you will actually agree. If not, negotiate whatever terms you don’t agree with.
  • Listen to your crowd. Ask for their opinions before creating a playlist – even if you may not be able to do this with all of the guests, it will still make a huge difference if you only do it with your closest friends and relatives.

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Wedding Music DONT’s You Must Avoid

We’re sure everyone has taught you everything about the things you should do when it comes to your wedding music – from how to choose the best songs for all those special moments to how to choose the right DJ.

Yet, are you fully aware of the worst wedding music DON’Ts to avoid when planning the wedding? We have gathered some of them right here – continue reading if you want to find out more.


  • Starting the ceremony in complete silence. Sure, you will want a few moments of silence before people start walking down the aisle. Aside from that though, it is more than recommended that you play 30 minutes of chill, beautiful and inspiring music (such as instrumental songs, jazz, and so on).
  • Playing a wedding processional song that’s offensive to the officiant. Depending on your religion and where you are getting married, you may have to face some restrictions in terms of what music can and cannot be played during the ceremony. Make sure you don’t upset the officiant and discuss this matter with them first and foremost!
  • Refusing to meet with your DJ until the very last moment. We all agree phone calls and emails are faster, but a face to face discussion can really help you understand your DJ and if they are truly suitable for this job. Talk to them about your concerns, contractual matters, paying extra for a couple more hours, and all these apparently small, but truly significant wedding music-issues.

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