The Ultimate Wedding Music Planning Tips

Wedding planning has never been (and will probably never be) easy – and music is a huge part of the entire plan. What are the crucial tips all couples should keep in mind before planning their wedding music? Read on and find out more.

  • Listen to your DJ. Sure, you will most likely not do this live, as you may not get invited at the events they are working. Still, they will have recordings they can show you – and this will be enough for you to see if you like their style and if they are compatible with your own wedding.
  • Listen to your venue. It is very, very important to know the acoustics of your wedding venue. If your DJ has never performed there before, it would be recommended that he gets there and tests out the acoustics of the venue. This is the best way to ensure he will bring along all the pieces of equipment needed for true high-quality music.
  • Listen to what the contract says. You might be tempted to “get it over with” and just sign the contract – but that’s precisely what you shouldn’t do, actually. Take your time to carefully analyze all the terms of the contract and see if you will actually agree. If not, negotiate whatever terms you don’t agree with.
  • Listen to your crowd. Ask for their opinions before creating a playlist – even if you may not be able to do this with all of the guests, it will still make a huge difference if you only do it with your closest friends and relatives.

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Your wedding music should be great for all ages

Young and old, all of your wedding guests are important to you. From your sweet grandmother to your energy-bomb little sister, everyone at your wedding deserves to have a great time there – and music plays a crucial role in this.

How to make sure your wedding music is great for all ages? We have some tips for you – so read on and steal some inspiration.

  • Segment your wedding into multiple smaller events – the ceremony, the reception, and the day-after breakfast (if you choose to have this, of course). Each of these micro events should be accompanied by a different type of music – not only will this create an amazing ambiance, but it will also help people experience the ceremony and the reception in different ways.
  • Segment your audience according to age groups. Make sure you run a bit of research and see what songs were most listened during particular decades, so that you can incorporate them in your playlist. Also, don’t forget to include something more modern too, especially if there are a lot of young adults and teenagers invited at your wedding.
  • The best way to be absolutely certain your wedding music makes everyone happy is by hiring a very talented wedding DJ. He will know when to step in and play the best songs, he will know what your “crowd” wants, and he will make sure the dance floor is constantly filled with people.

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