This is NOT The Way to Choose Your First Dance Song

Your First Dance song should be magical, so that the moment itself is unforgettable and filled with beautiful emotions. What is the worst way to choose your First Dance song and how to avoid making any flagrant mistakes? Here are some tips you might want to keep in mind:

  • Choose a song because it is in the charts. Yes, good songs usually reach the charts, but that doesn’t mean they will stand the sands of time. Moreover, it doesn’t mean you will like them today just as much as you will 20 years from now, watching your wedding recording.
  • Choose a song because it feels romantic, before listening to the lyrics. Not all songs that sound slow and romantic are actually suitable for weddings – and the best example we can give here is I Will Always Love You, sang by Whitney Houston (a very beautiful song focusing on a breakup and not on a relationship filled with hope!).
  • Choose a song on the spur of the moment. Your First Dance song is not something you randomly decide on by leaving the “shuffle” option turned on when listening to music at the gym. Sure, the right song may hit you this way – but don’t add it to the list just yet. Think things through and see exactly if it fits the big moment.
  • Choose a song without considering the dance itself. If you are not very good with dancing, we highly suggest that you choose a song that’s easy to dance to. Everyone can learn a few basic steps – but it takes a little more experience to pull off complex choreographies, so it’s better if you just settle on a song that’s…danceable.

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