Use These Tips to Entertain All Ages at Your Wedding

It doesn’t matter how young or old your guests may be – they’ve all spent time (and money) to be there for you and celebrate your love story in a grand way. Naturally, they want to have fun – and you want the same too.

How do you keep everyone entertained during the Big Day, regardless of their actual age? We have some tips for you – continue reading if you want to find out more.

  • Guests who are your age (or close). There are a lot of studies on what Millennials want and don’t want to see at weddings – but most of them find common ground on the importance music plays. Invest in a good DJ and create a wedding playlist that’s likeable, versatile and unique at the same time – it might take a bit to do this, but it will pay off when you see everyone dancing all night long!
  • Guests who are older. You will probably invite quite a lot of relatives at your wedding – and some of them may be past their second youth. These guests love a good oldie but goldie and they will even join in on the dance floor if a favorite song comes up – so don’t be afraid to include different musical decades into the mix. Also, remember to double-check all lyrics – you really don’t want to offend anyone with an inappropriate song.
  • Guests who are (very) young. Kids need their own entertainment too! Create a special table just for them, with games and coloring books to keep them busy and happy throughout the wedding. Also, if you can, hire a children’s entertainer too – it will make them feel really great!


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